For a quality environment.

Planning our environment is a task all stakeholders must take very seriously, if we desire to enjoy the best quality of life. Lets do this together!
In spite of a myriad of problems and challenges of land, we are expected to practice a degree of aesthetics in our environment which can be achieved through proper utilization and management of land resources around us.
Our vacant land areas can be re-designed so as to add glamour to the town and afford the kids and adults with appreciable facilities to recreate( IGE & Atanda,2013).
The general public will be encouraged to improve their active recreational habit. The redevelopment proposal should make provision for the aged people relaxation area, children active relaxation area; children passive relaxation are, adult active and passive relaxation areas (Ige & Atanda,2013).
This can make life more interesting for all, Nigeria is a rich nation blessed with resources to achieve this feat. All we need is political will by the government and support by all Nigerians.
Charles Kyom Bijimi.
Ige J.O & Atanda T.A(2013) Urban Vacant Land and Spatial Chaos in Ogbomoso North Local Government, Oyo State, Nigeria. Global Journal of HUMAN SOCIAL SCIENCE Geography, Geo-Sciences& EnvironmentalScience& Disaster Management Vol.13, 2


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