Pluto and the new Solar system definition (planet).

The International Astronomical Union in 2006 voted for a new definition of the term planet, which made one of the traditionally known planet to be demoted to a dwarf planet. This has been considered as a controversial decision; as some Planetary Scientist are of the opinion that the decision was not fair to Pluto.
Dr. Alan Stern of the New Horizon PI Southeast Research Institute(USA) argued that “the debate is on and it’s wide ranging, as we learn more and more about planetary types in our solar system”. The “New horizon” is expected to send a spacecraft pass Pluto later this year
(between June-July2015) to gather more information on the status of Pluto and other object at the Kuiper Belt.
It is the expectations of many to finalize the issue of the status of the planets in the solar system, so that it can be added in the school curriculum (Nigeria).
The Astronomers, Planetary scientists and Astrophysicist should deal with this, once and for all to deal with the arising confusion among secondary school students.
Charles Kyom Bijimi.


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